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bord and pillar mining at impala

May 06, 2011· CascadingPillarFailure (CPF) CPF is a potential problem faced by allBord-and-pillar miningoperations. CPF occurs when onepillarfails suddenly, which then overstresses the neighboring pillars, causing them to fail in very rapid succession. Within seconds, very largeminingareas can collapse while giving little or no warning

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May 31, 2017·Bord-and-pillarextraction is the older of the methods, and. The word “bord” is not a misspelling of “board”, but aminingterm for an underground space or room created to access the coal

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• Have strong knowledge on underground narrow reef andbordandpillar miningmethods in a hard rockminingenvironment. • Advice onmininglayouts (Conventional & TMM) in consultation with the mine engineering, mine planning, rock engineering (geotechnical), ventilation, …

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The mining method used at the Mimosa platinum mine is the bord-and-pillar mining method, with an average stoping width of 2m. The ore body at Mimosa mine is superficial and is accessed through the Wedza and Mtshingwe shafts. The Wedza subchamber hosts the economic main sulphide zone, which comprises the economic PGM and base metals

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Dec 11, 2019· Mechanised know-how from Implats’ Zimplats mine, in Zimbabwe and its Two Rivers mine, in Mpumalanga had been migrated tobord-and-pillarsections ofImpalaRustenburg mine’s Shaft 12 and Shaft 14, where hybrid mechanisation was introduced,” says Muller.ImpalaPlatinum continued with their three major development projects during 2019

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2 days ago·Miningtakes place less than 200 m below surface, utilising thebord-and-pillar miningmethod. Ore is processed at a concentrator located on site, at the rate of approximately 227,000 tonnes per month; concentrates are trucked to South Africa for smelting and refiningat Impala…

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Jul 16, 2010· Shepherd pointed out Implats lost about 20% of its production frombord and pillarmechanised stopes following the reduction in panel width. He said Aquarius Platinum appeared to be the company which was the most exposed to such changes, because it derived at least 85% of its South African production from mechanisedbord and pillar mining

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The Department of Mineral Resources said that all mechanised operations using the bord-and-pillar mining system at Implats had been stopped until an investigation could be concluded

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• Have strong knowledge on underground narrow reef andbord and pillar miningmethods in a hard rockminingenvironment. • Advice onmininglayouts (Conventional & TMM) in consultation with the mine engineering, mine planning, rock engineering (geotechnical), ventilation, …

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Underground mining was via the bord-and-pillar method with pillar extraction after a panel had been completely developed. The mine comprised of Nyala shaft, Eland shaft, Duiker shaft, Nari shaft, Mupani shaft, Kremetart shaft these are now depleted. The mine also had three mini open pit operations mined between 2011 and 2013

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Roomand pillaris an undergroundminingmethod that has applications to a wide variety of hard-rock deposits worldwide. It is commonly classified as an open-stoping method, meaning that development involvesminingout underground cavities while leaving the …

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ILN: What are the cost benefits in choosing bord and pillar operations over longwall mining for medium to thick seams with complex faults? CW: The primary benefit of bord and pillar mining is that for an equivalent production the capital cost of a bord and pillar operation would be 45% to 65% of that of a longwall mine. The operating costs may be 30% to 60% more than a longwall, but the risks are …

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The Joy roomand pillar/entry development product suite is extremely robust, including continuous miners, entry development equipment, haulage systems, feeder breakers, bolters, and loaders. All our equipment is designed to work seamlessly together as a system, providing the …

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Impala MiningOPEN NEW VACANCIES FOR PEOPLE'S TO WORK PERMANENT POSITION Please Note: The below position is currently available in throughout South Africa If you have grade 10 and looking for a job, then this opportunity is for you.IMPALA(16) SHAFTS MINE (Pty

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Mechanisedbord and pillar miningtakes place in selected areas only and accounts for between 12 and 14% of production. Limited open pitminingtakes place at the outcrop position.Miningcurrently extends to a depth of around 1,000 metres, with most operations occurring at an average depth of 650 metres

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Currentminingconsists of 5.5m to 7mbordsizes with 8m by 4m for the whole mine. Thebordsizes are 7m, 6.5m and 5.5m in GCD class C, D and E respectively. The strike pillars in panels are elongate on strike so that the longest dimension of thepillarintersects the dominant joint set (J1) at nearly 90 degrees

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Bord-and-pillar; Hydraulicmining; Summary: Rustenburg consists of three intermediate depth operating vertical shafts, which utilise a conventionalminingmethod (Siphumelele 1, Khuseleka 1 and Thembelani 1) and Bathopele, which is a shallow mechanised operation

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Sep 15, 2015·Board & Pillar1. StepminingIt is an adaptation for the case where the dip of the ore body is too big (15o to 30o) to use equipment on tires at the same time that its thickness is relatively small (2 - …

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back-analysis ofpillarfailuresat Impalaplatinum. ... The approach involves an empirical method forpillardesign and a discusion of thepillarstability used for open stopeminingmethods. The

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Mototolo is fully mechanised and extracts the UG2 Reef some 450m below surface using mechanised, trackless,bord-and-pillarunderground operation. Current mine infrastructure consists of two decline shafts, Lebowa and Borwa, and a concentrator

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Booysendalminingoperations comprising of North and South mines . Established and expanding shallow, mechanised, roomand pillar miningcomplex. 330 000 oz 4E forecast production for F2021 500 000 oz 4E from Booysendal North and South mines at steady state > 25 yrs life of mine

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